Designing Storage Solutions

We Design In-House to Meet Your Unique Storage Specification...

The combination of decades of experience in specifying, designing and implementing large and small scale racking storage solutions gives 动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频 an edge over competitors: We have a vast knowledge base of custom racking that can be altered to meet your requirements.

动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频 can design storage solutions to meet your space requirements, including:

  • Pallet racking types (e.g. selective, very narrow aisles, drive-in) to suit your warehouses
  • Raised storage areas to add space to your warehouse
  • Cantilever racking (light, medium, heavy or structural) to suit your load requirements
  • and other racking and industrial storage related products.

CAD Designed

动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频's in-house AUTOCAD designer can turn your storage concepts into hard copy plans. 动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频 is designed and manufactured locally.

Selective Racking

Selective racking is the most economical storage system, forms the basis of all other systems, and allows direct access to all pallets.

CAD Drawing Selective Racking

Raised Storage Areas

Maximise warehouse storage space by adding a raised storage area.

Stairs can also be attached to the structure, adding extra access to elevated floorspace.

CAD Drawing Raised Storage Area Warehouse

A-Frame Racking

A-Frames are ideal for storing:

  • Timber
  • Glass
  • Pipes, and
  • Extrusions, like aluminium and plastic
CAD Drawing A-Frame Racking

Cantilever Racking

From light to heavy duty and structural, cantilever racking is also used as Timber Racking, Pipe Racking, Glass Racking, plus for a multitude of other heavy and lengthy objects.

CAD Drawing Cantilever Racking

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