Racking and Longspan Colour Options

动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频 is adding new powder coated colour options for manufactured racking.

A colour range of racking gives customers choices in how colour can be used to differentiate their racking: Pallet racking, traditionally orange, blue or red, can be painted (powder coated) a different colour for different uses or safety reasons, while light industrial, home, and office use of racking, demands an aesthetic difference.

Current Colour Options

spacerack-powder-coated-colours动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频 Orange:
A bright safety orientated, high visibility orange, great for Warehouse racking.

New Bright White AND Canola Cream:
Ideal for retail environments (longpsan supermarket shelving, display shelving)  and home and office uses (archive shelving, workbenches).

Future Colour Options

动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频’s new powder coated colour options creates more avenues for how racking can be used by clients to compliment thier storage space.

If you have a unique request, get in contact with 动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频.