Custom Workbenches

Workbench with foot level shelf.
Workbench for Office, Brisbane, AustraliaOffice Workbench with foot level shelf.
Workbench, foot shelf, high stoolWorkbench, foot shelf, high stool
White Workbench with Powder Coated Posts, Beams and BracesWhite Workbench with Powder Coated Posts, Beams and Braces

If you need a real workbench that can take a heavy load, or a custom made steel workbench to meet your exact requirements, then you’re in the right place.


动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频 makes solid and sturdy industrial workbenches to cater for heavy loads.

动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频 can craft a workbench to meet your requirements:

  • Available floor space
  • Shelves and benches designed for different loads
  • Style; Packing bench, office bench, extra long bench
  • Optional shelf; head height, foot level

动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频's standard ‘off the shelf’ workbench may be just right for your home or garage needs.

A solid workbench will last years, even decades - You can trust 动漫美女脱光衣服,大片视频 to provide a industrial workbenches that outlive the rest.

Standard Workbench Dimensions


  • Height: 940 mm
  • Width: 2400 mm (left to right)
  • Depth: 900 mm (front to back)


  • Various, including powder coat Orange


  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Ply Board Levels


Workbench Shipping: Unassembled Workbenches are shipped flat-packed. Pre-assembled Workbenches can be shipped like any other furniture.